Hanburgh hens for sale

  Posted: 09.10.19



Hanburgh hens are lovely little birds. A small breed, bright, active and inquisitive. They love to free range. These have black and white feathering called "silver spangled". They lay good sized eggs given their size, and they lay well.
Currently free ranging on grass in fully netted runs.
All birds sold by us are vaccinated. Vaccination certificates can be supplied if required.
Please note, live birds cannot be ordered online and are collection ony from Warwickshire.
Price quoted here is an indication of the price at point of lay. We often have day old chicks and growers. Actual price will depend on the age of the birds at the time of purchase.
We also sell several brands of layers pellets, mixed corn, bedding, feeders drinkers and chicken houses.
WE SUPPLY CARDBOARD CARRY BOXES FOR £2. We supply cardboard boxes for you to take your hens home in. Each box is suitable for 2 or 3 hens depending on age.in warwickshire.

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