various breeds of ducks for sale

  Posted: 09.11.18



Ideally I do not want to split them up as they always walk round the garden together as a gang. £100 for all of them, no offers please!

I will consider homing trios:
Cherry Valley - 3 females at £30
Saxony - 2 females and 1 male (related) at £25
Cayuga - 2 females and 1 male (unrelated) at £70 - Again, they are absolutely not to be penned!

You will need to have good, clean and secure housing and a large garden for them to free range all day, every day without danger of predators or road accidents. A doggy paddling pool plus several large containers for water, replacing with fresh daily, and fresh daily food is also a must. I also ask that you give them wet food as this is what they have always been used to, and it helps with their digestion anyway. I mix a good scoop of oats with the feed to help stop 'angel wing' and also add some linseed. This is mixed with hot tap water. I then add diluted ACV (which is garlic and fresh herbs infused), and a scoop of brewers yeast, diaomateous earth (mite powder) and mixed dried herbs. This may seem OTT but I strongly feel prevention is a whole lot better than the cure! You will also be getting that goodness in your eggs eventually.

I will be asking a lot of questions and need photos of evidence of the above. If I do not promptly receive all the information I ask for then I will stop communication. I need to know that my ducks will be looked after as cared for pets.

The Saxony ducks I hatched out and reared myself and then were introduced to the Cherry Valley ducks. The Saxonies are 18 weeks old today (4th November) and are finishing the growers feed, so will probably start on the layers feed tomorrow or Tuesday. The Cayugas are approx 1 month older than the Saxonies. We bought the Cherry Valleys last May and guess they will be approx a year old. Please note, that unless they have secretly been laying eggs, the Cherry Valleys have not laid one egg yet from us having them, but would hope they will start next Spring, along with the other ducks.

Except for the Saxonies, all the ducks are nervous and without containing them in their house I am unable to handle them. I admit I have not made a point of doing this as on one hand know I should but it of course causes them a lot of stress but I also realise that if not handling them at all this will not get better. Having said this, because I am out in the garden on and off throughout the day, they have got used to me and are ok with me standing quite close to them, but I cannot feed them by hand, even with mealworms, and of course not pick them up. They are a lot less nervous than when we first bought both the Cayugas and Cherry Valleys. The Saxonies do not like me to pick them up (they come across as teenagers who do not want their uncool mother bothering them!) but I can do this, and do cuddle them for a few minutes, and they do settle down eventually to be inverness.


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