white Campbell and Aylesbury ducklings for sale.

  Posted: 23.02.20



We have white Campbell and Aylesbury ducklings for sale. They are newly hatched so will need a bit of warmth for a few weeks. This can be a light bulb or chicks brooder. We do sell the light sets for £8 and we also have the feed available for purchase.

They are very easy to rear and make lovely pets, they will not live alone so you must have more than one. Also please note they will need to live in the garden when they are old enough. They don’t need water to swim although it’s nice if you have a small pool etc, they will just need deep enough water to was there heads frequently.

Both breeds are flightless so won’t fly away. They will be young ducklings so they will become very tame if you give them time.

They are £10 each and can be collected from near Ashby Le65

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